Teluk Kemang Beach - Pantai Teluk Kemang


Teluk Kemang beach is the largest and most popular in Port Dickson, located between 7 and 8 Mile Road from the town of Port Dickson beach. On weekends and public holidays, this beach gets a lot of visitors. Various facilities have been built and made available to accommodate the crowds that come to the beach. Among them, adequate parking, paved walkways, gazebos, food stalls and handicrafts as well as latrines. Teluk Kemang Square is an area where often become the main site every time a big event which will be held in Port Dickson.


For accommodation, there are a number of budget hotels Kemang Beach bay. For comfort-conscious visitors there are also apartments and 3-star hotels like Deluxe, located not far from Teluk Kemang Beach. Visitors who come not only from locals but also from various states and there are also foreign visitors traveling.